April 06, 2015 · Adoption

The people I meet doing what I do?  I swear they were hand-picked just for me.  As much as my heart’s desire for SimplyTold is to use my gifts to bless others, clients ALWAYS end up blessing me way more than I could ever bless them.

Brandie has known me for a total of about 15 minutes since we first met a few weeks ago.  I quietly entered a room full of mothers in Brandie’s cozy basement.  Just there to say “Hi” and meet her without taking up anymore of her busy schedule.  I wanted to be a fly on the wall as her dear friends explained why I was there and what we were about to do to bless her.

I was asked the kind of questions that only have one way to answer.  Questions about me.  My life.  My story.  I never shy away from telling my story if people genuinely want to know, but it usually catches people off guard.  The women in that room?  They saw my heart and welcomed me in, crying with me as I shared our journey.

These women were the type who were not afraid to invite someone like me to be a part of their group.  A group that I would normally shy away from because of the name and because I don’t have anything on earth to show that I deserve to be there.  The name of their group…is “Moms on a Mission.”

While I’ve managed to dodge all of Brandie’s invites for this group, her kindness and sweet-spirit have been hard to ignore.  She’s nice AND persistent.  Double threat, this one!  I think it speaks volumes about the type of wife and mother she is.  I couldn’t wait to see her bring her son home!

Since meeting Brandie that day in her basement, I have been able to follow their story while they were in China through her blog.  I laughed when I saw Powerade and salad waiting for her at the airport because I knew those were things Brandie had so desperately craved after being in a foreign country.

In case you can’t tell by these photos?  Caleb is SUCH a happy boy.  He was passed around non-stop, especially between his three older siblings.  Every once in a while he’d give a whimper when he just wanted his Momma, but for the most part he was a real trooper!  Everybody wanted a turn to kiss those cheeks!  Even I got the opportunity to hold him before we let this tired family get home to rest.

I especially loved seeing how much Caleb’s three older siblings just adored him.  He responded to them in the sweetest manner, as if it was always meant to be this way.  They were so nurturing to him and it just touched my heart!  SUCH a great family.

Caleb?  It’s so obvious that you are truly LOVED.  Welcome home, little man…


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