March 10, 2017 · Belly + Baby

Sweetie pie, Aidan, is getting stronger by the day and nearing the end of his NICU stay at Akron Children’s Hospital.  His two big sisters, Aubrey and Junia, have been waiting almost two weeks to meet their new baby brother.  FaceTime sessions with brother have held them over somewhat, but you can tell they are itching to smother Aidan with kisses!  Won’t be long now, girls!

Aidan’s need for immediate care came as a surprise, and he was transported to Akron Children’s within hours of his birth.  JR followed the transport while Amy recovered from her c-section in record time and left the hospital to be with her baby boy the very next day.  She’s a beast.  Can’t keep a momma from her baby, that’s for sure.

JR and Amy have been rockstar NICU parents over these last 11 days, juggling time and energy between all three of their kids.  Grandparents came to the rescue and have been caring for the girls and bringing them to the hospital waiting room or Ronald McDonald House to have visits with Mom and Dad.  The volume of encouraging calls, texts and Facebook posts has meant so much to them, so “thank you” if you are reading this and have reached out to let them know you are praying for Aidan.  What a blessing you have been to this family!

The nurses planned Aidan’s day on the day I visited him.  His big plans were to—

1) snuggle

2) grow big and strong

If those aren’t the most adorable NICU goals…