March 30, 2017 · Belly + Baby

I kid you not.  The night before these pictures were taken, I saw Alejandro wearing the outfit I first photographed his big brother, Rafa, in when Rafa was almost 10 months old.  10 MONTHS.  Alejandro?  Just turned 1 month.  The picture here of Rafa holding Alejandro looks like a toddler holding a toddler!  Heehee.  Beeeeg boy!

We were busy busy in the beginning of our shoot as we waited for Daddy to get home from work.  We read a book of Rafa’s choosing to baby brother, laughed during Mommy-Rafa time on his Star Wars big-boy-bed and spent some special time with Grandma.  Diaper shots to show dat belly were a must for this session, as was a shot with Daddy and his drums (similar to one when Rafa was a baby!)  I had such a wonderful time with the whole crew.  Love this family!