August 29, 2017 · Belly + Baby

Food before photos.  On the rare occasion a session falls during mealtime, you better believe I am coming with food for you!  Moms and dads of newborns have enough on their plates (especially if there are other kids in the house), and they are always the last to eat!  “Full photographs well,” as I always say.  Thanks, Jimmy Johns, for keeping this family photo ready!

Jeff and Lauren are THE chillest parents in the history of ever…and so so good with their girls.  Oh!  And let’s talk for a second about LAUREN’S DRESS!  Seriously.  I was obsessed.  It looked INCREDIBLE on her with her long hair!!

Now!  On to the focus of our time together:  Blakely in all her little-white-dress, flowery-headband squishy goodness…