December 24, 2016 · Belly + Baby

Babies just make the stresses of life melt away, am I right?!  If you are holding a baby and your day is not instantly a bit brighter, there is no hope for you.  Ha!  When I arrived and Robin was finishing up getting ready, I felt it was my *duty* to snuggle baby Cole while we waited.  He was waking up, after all, and well…he just looked like he “needed” me to pick him up.  (*wink*)

Cole was awake from beginning to end, and SWEET as can be.  Eyes wide and listening to the chatter in the house.  Hardly a peep but definitely not wanting to miss out on the action.

Big brother, Caleb, still a little guy himself, can seem less than interested at times in the new addition to the family.  Classic for this age.  I smiled as he peeked into Cole’s crib for mere seconds before taking off to play, having no idea yet that his future best friend is behind those rails…



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