August 23, 2017 · Belly + Baby

Elyena’s older brother, Thomas, spent a good deal of time in the NICU after his birth (See Thomas’ NICU session HERE).  Elyena decided she wanted to see what all the NICU hype was about and spent some time with extra care as well.  Thankfully, this punkin’ pants had a much shorter stay and soon made her way home to her two big brothers!

Isaiah, the oldest, quickly informed me upon my arrival that his sister is his “new best friend.”  With Mom’s phone in tow, Isaiah photographed every moment of Elyena’s life while I was there.  Pictures are his thing and he can now include “shadowed a professional photographer” to his resume.   Most grown picture enthusiasts can’t say that!   As soon as his little arms are strong enough, someone buy this boy a DSLR.  Haha!

Here is Elyena through MY lens.  If you want Isaiah’s take on our session, you’ll have to contact his Momma.  😉