June 14, 2017 · Belly + Baby

Few things bring me more joy in this business than capturing images for those who are fellow picture lovers like myself…buuuuut are always the ones BEHIND the camera.  (That is my life, people!)  Michelle and I have that photographer eye that you can NEVER seem to turn off.  We constantly see beautiful moments worthy of capturing but rarely are we participants.  Unless we are surrounded by others who notice those picture-worthy emotions and interactions and are there to hold our cameras (and know how to use them), photographic memories with us included can be few.

When Michelle told me about the volume of pictures she has taken of Evelyn since her baby girl’s birth, but how she was lacking photos in the Mommy-daughter department…I couldn’t wait to meet up!  It was Michelle’s turn to be IN some pictures with hubby, Jason, and Evie, too!

Evelyn did not let a little runny nose slow her down.  It is like she knew how important these pictures were to her mommy…sweet girl.  Here is Evie in all of her barefoot, dark-eyed, “How-cute-are-my-tiny-teeth?!” adorableness.