May 24, 2017 · Belly + Baby

T.J. and Michelle found me through a March of Dimes social media auction, but the ease at which we hit it off instantly made them feel like they have been part of the SimplyTold family for years!  Within minutes of stepping into their home, they felt like longtime friends and we had a comfort level that made me think, “Have we done this before?”

What I noticed immediately about T.J. and Michelle is that photos are important to them.  They have many timeless, beautiful images blown up and framed on the walls of their home.  Significant images all telling their story.  I loved that.

One particular grouping of photos were all taken at the same location just minutes from their house and has been the setting for many milestones in their life.  Before T.J. had to head off to work, we walked down the wooden path and got a photo in front of the reeds with their family of four.  The same spot T.J. knelt down and proposed years before (where he arranged a photographer in disguise to capture the moment!)

After T.J. left, we went back to the house for some mommy-son shots with Michelle and the boys.  Snuggly shots in Holden’s peaceful nursery to end our time together…