October 25, 2018 · Belly + Baby

I’ve been taking a little break from photography this last year to focus on other things for a bit, but when someone you consider a “sister” has that pregnancy glow goin’ on…?  THAT needs captured.  Heather’s precious babe has earned the nickname Lil’ Craigy from yours truly and to say I’m excited for this tiny one’s arrival is an understatement.

Oh the joys that await you, punkin!  Your big fur-sister, Maizy, is all kinds of crazy and has SUCH personality.  She’s a hoot!  She was cracking us up and loving the camera.  Haha!  Keep cooking for now, but we cannot wait to meet you, Lil’ Craigy!   Your “Aunt Nic” is ready to snuggle and spoil you and eventually teach you how to properly dunk an Oreo!  *wink wink*

Here is my dear friend and “sister” in all her pregnancy beauty.  Worth breaking my blogging silence to share these.  She looks STUNNING…