September 09, 2016 · Belly + Baby

Lately, these daddies are just getting to me!  When Madison was born, the nurses could not get over how much of an active role Tommy was already taking.  They commented on how almost every time they walked in the room they saw him cradling his baby girl.  Diving right in with both feet.

HE IS A NATURAL.  It’s ridiculous.  So much so that at one point I turned around and caught him calming Madison down while holding her pacifier in his mouth…THE MASTER at work.

The only thing more adorable than Tommy’s strong, manly, tattooed arms holding a fragile little punkin’ covered in pink and bows is the way Kate looks at him when Madison is in his hands.  That whole, “I fell in love with my husband all over again when I saw him with our baby girl” thing?  I saw it with these two and let me just say, I teared up as I was working on these and thinking back on our time together.

I met Kate and Tommy for the first time this day, but my connection with them runs deeper than a simple photographer-client relationship.  Kate’s Aunt Tammie has been such a HUGE part of our story with Owen over the last four years.  Tammie is a distant relative in the Jeren family and a BIG part of my heart.  One of the few people about whom I can say, “She will remember my son for the rest of her life.  He has become a part of her heart, too.”

The kicker?  We have never actually met.  

When I strolled into this home, I could tell the same love and attention Tammie has given to us and to Owen’s memory is sprinkled on all she loves.  Kate and Tommy have a special place in their hearts for Tammie as well, and I could sense immediately why Tammie wanted to gift these photos to them.  These two deserve all this and more!  Cannot say enough about Tommy and Kate!  Incredible…incredible people.

Thank you for allowing me to come in and just see you two looooove on sweet Madison.  What a lucky little girl to have you two as her parents.  Fur brother, Jackson, was a heartbreaker as well.  Such a gentle soul in that pup.

Here is Madison in all her freshness…


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