October 31, 2016 · Belly + Baby

I walked through their side garage door and was quickly greeted by an eager Adriana…Rocco’s big sister.  It is always fun for me to “feel out the siblings.”  You know.  See how they are *adjusting* to the new arrival without Mom or Dad listening in.  I asked her, “So.  What do you think of your new brother?  Does Rocco cry a lot…?”

“Nope!  He’s a good baby!”  Proud sister was smiling so big as she gushed over his tiny cuteness.  “I love him.”  From that moment on, every kiss, touch, nuzzle and snuggle was all her.  Nothing but love for baby brother as Adriana clearly ADORES her little sidekick!

Before having Adriana, Shannon never knew the immense physical and emotional pain of losing a child.  Seeing her walk the road of miscarriages these last four years stirred up the empathy within me.   My mommy heart ached for her and the losses she endured on this long, hard “Road to Rocco.”

Shannon’s little ones gone too soon were what prompted me to start Heavenly Nuggets.  In fact, she received one of the very first angel ornaments I ever made.  Long before my little Etsy ministry even had a NAME…it had a PURPOSE.  For Mommies like Shannon.  For Mommies like me.

Our instant friendship as co-workers, us both delivering Adriana and Owen just a month apart, along with her bravery to share her story of life and loss with me has always made me feel like our hearts are connected.  I could not help but gush with joy seeing her cradle her baby boy in her arms.  This dark-haired, wide-eyed little peanut made me instantly fall in love with him…and take in the gift that he is to this wonderful family.

Regardless of the length of the wait, Rocco’s arrival was perfectly timed.  It is also worth noting that he has the best hair out of any Rainbow Baby I have seen.  Maybe the making of that awesome hair is what took him so long to get here.


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