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The Waldman Craigheads

November 04, 2016

I met these guys for the first time a little over two months ago.  Jet-lagged and exhausted as they were greeted by close friends and family at the Akron-Canton Airport after bringing their daughter, Lanzi, home from China!  What a night we had together, capturing the moment her brother and sister got to meet her… Read More

Welcome Home, Lanzi!

August 30, 2016

My time with these families is at the tail end of their adoption journeys.  I am not there for the days, weeks, months (and sometimes years) they spend waiting.  The time I spend standing around with my camera anxiously waiting for them to land and get off that airplane is a mere fraction of a page in their… Read More

Madison | 1-Year | Adoption

August 05, 2016

When you make the decision to begin growing your family, you have high expectations, big dreams and endless possibilities in front of you.  The first few months of *trying* are pure and untainted.  Full of excitement and hope. Over the last three to four years, Samantha’s repeat knee surgeries, a diagnosis with PCOS, combined with… Read More

Liam | 6-Months [Milestone Session]

June 03, 2016

This brown-eyed chubbo is toooooo cute.  The last time I saw Liam, he was surrounded by family and friends and given a new last name in the courtroom.  With his big day being such a hustle, we wanted to slow down and have a session at his house.  Bring out those smiles and giggles in a more relaxed atmosphere.… Read More

Liam | Adoption

May 19, 2016

No cameras are allowed while court is in session.  What you will see here is everything leading up to the adoption hearing, and then the timeline starts up again once the judge has granted their request for adoption.  The moments in between will only be remembered by us.  Those in that room.  No hard-copy images… Read More

Liam | 17 Days New [Adoption]

February 17, 2016

This past summer, I had the honor of doing a photoshoot for TJ and Melissa titled “Love Makes a Family” as they were in the last steps of their adoption journey and needed photos for their profile.  Melissa was not yet in my life during the early stages of wanting a family, but I have been cheering her on for… Read More

The Phillipses

November 07, 2015

If you’ve been following my photography journey over the last few years, you’ve most likely stumbled upon one of my adoption shoots.  Most recently, the airport arrival photos of this little boy coming HOME.  (He’s seriously the cutest thing.  Like ever.  Part of me fell in love with this boy within seconds of meeting him.)… Read More

The Barneses – Love Makes A Family

June 01, 2015

You know when you meet someone, see her interact with other people’s kids and realize she has a mother’s heart without ever having kids of her own?  That’s Melissa.  I love meeting women like that.  This girl INSPIRES ME when I see her around kids.  She is a mother first, not as a result of what she… Read More

Welcome Home, Caleb!

April 06, 2015

The people I meet doing what I do?  I swear they were hand-picked just for me.  As much as my heart’s desire for SimplyTold is to use my gifts to bless others, clients ALWAYS end up blessing me way more than I could ever bless them. Brandie has known me for a total of about 15… Read More

Welcome Home, Eleanor!

January 05, 2014

Lindsey’s nickname in college was “Momma Lindsey.”  She just had this nurturing spirit and was sort of like a mother hen to us girls.  She is a born mother and someone you want to go to if things in your life just aren’t going right.  I love that about her.   When I first heard… Read More