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June 14, 2017

Few things bring me more joy in this business than capturing images for those who are fellow picture lovers like myself…buuuuut are always the ones BEHIND the camera.  (That is my life, people!)  Michelle and I have that photographer eye that you can NEVER seem to turn off.  We constantly see beautiful moments worthy of… Read More


May 24, 2017

T.J. and Michelle found me through a March of Dimes social media auction, but the ease at which we hit it off instantly made them feel like they have been part of the SimplyTold family for years!  Within minutes of stepping into their home, they felt like longtime friends and we had a comfort level that made me… Read More

Davis | 8-Months | Milestone Session

May 01, 2017

A short and sweet backyard Milestone Session to show how much Davis is growing and changing!  The stool with his name on it is one of his FAVORITE toys and it was clear during this session that Davis is looking more and more like his big brother!  Seeing how much my tiny clients grow and change in… Read More


March 30, 2017

I kid you not.  The night before these pictures were taken, I saw Alejandro wearing the outfit I first photographed his big brother, Rafa, in when Rafa was almost 10 months old.  10 MONTHS.  Alejandro?  Just turned 1 month.  The picture here of Rafa holding Alejandro looks like a toddler holding a toddler!  Heehee.  Beeeeg boy! We… Read More


March 15, 2017

Newborn sessions with older siblings in the mix offer a different dynamic than having only one tiny burrito in the house.  Big siblings, Evan and Rosie, desired to be right where the action was and present for all of our time together.  Even during their “breaks” where it was Penelope’s turn for the spotlight, big bro and big sis had snacktime right… Read More

Aidan | 11 Days New | Akron Children’s Hospital NICU

March 10, 2017

Sweetie pie, Aidan, is getting stronger by the day and nearing the end of his NICU stay at Akron Children’s Hospital.  His two big sisters, Aubrey and Junia, have been waiting almost two weeks to meet their new baby brother.  FaceTime sessions with brother have held them over somewhat, but you can tell they are itching… Read More

Cole | 3 Weeks New

December 24, 2016

Babies just make the stresses of life melt away, am I right?!  If you are holding a baby and your day is not instantly a bit brighter, there is no hope for you.  Ha!  When I arrived and Robin was finishing up getting ready, I felt it was my *duty* to snuggle baby Cole while we waited.… Read More

Rocco | 12 Days New

October 31, 2016

I walked through their side garage door and was quickly greeted by an eager Adriana…Rocco’s big sister.  It is always fun for me to “feel out the siblings.”  You know.  See how they are *adjusting* to the new arrival without Mom or Dad listening in.  I asked her, “So.  What do you think of your new… Read More

Claire + James | “Headed Home”

October 06, 2016

Our 23 days in the PICU at the Cleveland Clinic with Owen literally felt like an eternity.  Like time stood still while the rest of the world was ticking away.  As I walked into Claire’s room at Akron Children’s, I could hardly wrap my mommy brain around my baby being in the hospital for 294 days.… Read More

Madison | 14 Days New

September 09, 2016

Lately, these daddies are just getting to me!  When Madison was born, the nurses could not get over how much of an active role Tommy was already taking.  They commented on how almost every time they walked in the room they saw him cradling his baby girl.  Diving right in with both feet. HE IS… Read More