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Cole | 3 Weeks New

December 24, 2016

Babies just make the stresses of life melt away, am I right?!  If you are holding a baby and your day is not instantly a bit brighter, there is no hope for you.  Ha!  When I arrived and Robin was finishing up getting ready, I felt it was my *duty* to snuggle baby Cole while we waited.… Read More

Rocco | 12 Days New

October 31, 2016

I walked through their side garage door and was quickly greeted by an eager Adriana…Rocco’s big sister.  It is always fun for me to “feel out the siblings.”  You know.  See how they are *adjusting* to the new arrival without Mom or Dad listening in.  I asked her, “So.  What do you think of your new… Read More

Claire + James | “Headed Home”

October 06, 2016

Our 23 days in the PICU at the Cleveland Clinic with Owen literally felt like an eternity.  Like time stood still while the rest of the world was ticking away.  As I walked into Claire’s room at Akron Children’s, I could hardly wrap my mommy brain around my baby being in the hospital for 294 days.… Read More

Madison | 14 Days New

September 09, 2016

Lately, these daddies are just getting to me!  When Madison was born, the nurses could not get over how much of an active role Tommy was already taking.  They commented on how almost every time they walked in the room they saw him cradling his baby girl.  Diving right in with both feet. HE IS… Read More

Emma | 10 Days New

September 04, 2016

One of my favorite favorite sessions of all time was when I captured an intimate story of surrogacy.  A sister who willingly endured the challenges of carrying a baby that would go home with someone else…her little brother, Matt, and his wife, Becca.  So many emotions flooded their home that day as Matt and Becca… Read More

Davis | 3-Weeks New

August 25, 2016

Davis already seems like a go-with-the-flow kind of munchkin.  He is the typical third sibling who is not even phased by the noise level his older brother and sister create.  As long as he is part of the party he is a happy boy! Little man’s arrival time paired with poor Momma’s rough recovery (and… Read More

Miranda | 1-Month New

July 27, 2016

Miranda’s hair.  I guarantee that is the FIRST thing you will notice about her.  It’s incredible!  Thick and dark.  No baby hats needed to keep this little chica warm!  Haha! Most of my newborn sessions lately involving younger siblings have almost been spot-on clones to their big brothers and sisters.  While Miranda definitely has some… Read More

Bradford | 9-Months [Milestone Session]

July 23, 2016

Yvette contacted me for pictures shortly after Bradford was born.  My fall through the end-of-the-year season is SLAMMED every single year, but if I can make it work (even if it means they may wait longer for their images), I will do what it takes to get a client in.  Sometimes at the expense of my own holiday season…and… Read More

Liam | 6-Months [Milestone Session]

June 03, 2016

This brown-eyed chubbo is toooooo cute.  The last time I saw Liam, he was surrounded by family and friends and given a new last name in the courtroom.  With his big day being such a hustle, we wanted to slow down and have a session at his house.  Bring out those smiles and giggles in a more relaxed atmosphere.… Read More

Graham | 13 Days New

May 10, 2016

I started specializing in lifestyle newborn sessions in the winter of 2013, just three months after we laid Owen to rest.  Before that, I rarely had a newborn in front of my camera.  It is not that I was opposed, newborns just were not my thing.  A type of session I was not passionate about.  That is,… Read More