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Caleb + Jordynne | Prom

April 22, 2017

Meet the SWEETest couple, Caleb + Jordynne.  Jordynne’s dress was to die for and Caleb, you nailed that tie, man!  Now normally the first 15 minutes of a shoot like this would be them getting used to being in front of my camera.  Buuut a pre-prom shoot before dinner reservations and dancing the night away… Read More

Joey + Anna

August 30, 2014

Joey is pursuing his degree at Akron.  Anna is already settling in to work with Compassion International in Equador for the next six months.  (She flew out two days after our session.)  Neither of them had senior portraits taken, so I was excited to get them in front of my camera!  This session was a… Read More

Joe + Heather

July 08, 2013

Since “retiring” from weddings, I don’t get the opportunity to photograph many engagement sessions.  I encourage couples to use their wedding photographer for this, since it gives them an opportunity to try this person out.  See how they all get along, and how well the photographer delivers what he/she advertises.   With Heather?  I called… Read More