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The Schott Family /// Boettler Park

August 06, 2017

After stopping by their house for Pop-Its in the driveway (a family favorite!), we loaded in the cars for Boettler Park at sunset!  The park did a phenomenal job on their brand spankin’ new playground over this past year and is always oozing with fun for the kiddos.  It was good that Mr. I was… Read More

The Schott Family /// Lifestyle Home Session

July 31, 2017

My passion…is storytelling.  Using my own story to help tell someone else’s. The thing about stories is that you do not always know the full version.  Sometimes you see bits and pieces of it through conversations or social media stalking and you make the mistake of filling in the missing gaps with your own assumptions.… Read More

The Cirwinski Family

June 21, 2017

Extended family sessions are the perfect blend of fun and awkward.  There is always that *one* family member who can crack a joke at the PERFECT time to get those genuine laughs.  I LOVE that family member.  The awkward comes in when we break it down into smaller groups.  Suddenly, you now have everyone else… Read More

The J Family

June 01, 2017

I wish I could see all of my SimplyTold families multiple times a year.  To see how the kids are growing.  To hear their belly laughs again and find out all that is new since I saw them last.  But…life gets busy.  Schedules fill more and more as the kids grow and sometimes coming up with… Read More

The Gower Family

April 24, 2017

The Gower family currently has a foster daughter in their care.   Due to the privacy of the fostering process, all images with her in them are not pictured here.  (It was almost painful to keep the adorableness of those images hidden from you all…because of course, watching the kids play together was SO STINKIN’ CUUUUTE!!!)  I… Read More

The Williamses

February 14, 2017

Every year, I get to meet more and more of Kristi’s family.  Her brother’s family and uncle’s family have all been in front of my camera now.  This time around, her parents joined us and oh…my word.  I loved them instantly.  Definitely saw that one coming!  All of them together had me howling behind my… Read More

The Lanters

December 23, 2016

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I try try try to keep things light for SimplyTold.  Send off the last of my fall sessions to my clients (and wait to blog the ones being used for Christmas cards until after the holidays.)  My photography business slows just as Heavenly Nuggets gets a surge, and December is my… Read More

The Robertses

November 07, 2016

Big changes in the Roberts’ family almost made this shoot impossible to squeeze in.  As I shared with Heidi that I was already booked for the rest of 2016, it saddened me that I might not get to hang with her family and laugh with her boys this fall.  I put her on my cancellation list, knowing there… Read More

The Waldman Craigheads

November 04, 2016

I met these guys for the first time a little over two months ago.  Jet-lagged and exhausted as they were greeted by close friends and family at the Akron-Canton Airport after bringing their daughter, Lanzi, home from China!  What a night we had together, capturing the moment her brother and sister got to meet her… Read More

The “J” Family

October 25, 2016

I *ran* into Sara and Shawn at the Akron-Canton Airport 5K on the Runway a few weeks ago.  They were running it together and were kid-less and flying free for the morning!  Quite the change from the Mommy and Daddy role I see them in when we are together.  I enjoy seeing these two any chance… Read More