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Miles. Izzie. Will /// Country Home Session

September 03, 2017

Cousins in the country!  Nothing says country like lingering sunsets, backyard sunflower patches, new growth in the garden and…chickens.  Am I right?! Friends.  This was my last session.  MY LAST SESSION for 2017.  Possibly my last session for quite a while.  More on why I am shutting down my photography coming to my blog in… Read More

Liam | 1-Year

February 25, 2017

Liam just might be one of THE most adorable members of the SimplyTold family.  He’s not even my kid, and I am pretty sure I would give him whatever he asked if he flashed me that big ol’ grin.  “Here you go, Liam.  You want to walk around with my expensive camera?  Take it.  Take it all,… Read More

Kaylee | 1-Year

February 17, 2017

Morning waffles.  Everything Sarah.  Dance party.  Storytime.  Cheerleading flips.  Jumping on the bed.  Matching gold shoes with Daddy.  That pretty much sums up what Kaylee wants you to know about what happened during her big “one” session! Before our time together, I asked Rachel, “What is Kaylee’s FAVORITE thing right now?  Like, what does she LOOOOVE… Read More

Miles . Izzie . Will

November 17, 2016

Leaves.  Laughter.  Lots of fart noises.  My own little SimplyTold trifecta for these three.  Haha!  Their giggles get ME giggling and before you know it the laughter is contagious and there is no cure.  Getting to spend this time with them in the fall always brings me so much joy, as I get to see… Read More

The Volpe Kiddos

September 15, 2016

I pushed the limits of my lowriding HHR and went off-roading for this session.  I must confess that halfway through what looked like a field of soybeans I thought to myself, “Mayyybe I should have ridden with them in their truck for this part.”  Haha! The Volpes recently bought a BEAUTIFUL piece of property where… Read More


July 28, 2016

Kyle and Tiffany came completely prepared for their session.  Prepared, meaning they understood the reality of photos with a busy one-year-old!  They brought toys and things Greyson was into (I love when clients do this!) and were prepared for a whole lot of candids as we chased him around the park and let him play.… Read More

Gracie | 1-Year

July 07, 2016

Sweet, smiley and on the MOVE!  That is Gracie.  She did not need any coaxing by me.  Gracie showed up ready for her close-ups and was quite the little model for us. Can we fast forward to my favorite part of the shoot?  This part is only a memory for me rather than an image to… Read More

Caleb + Chase

June 09, 2016

I met these two young men for the first time this night.  Within minutes, I simply could not get over how kind, polite and stinkin’ awesome these guys were.  Talk about the ultimate first impression!  Such well-mannered dudes.  Proof that all that hard-working, pull-your-hair-out-at-times parenting pays off.  Well done, Mom and Dad!  You have raised some phenomenal… Read More

Hadley | 1-Year

May 04, 2016

Hadzo Madzo is ONE.  That’s toddler status!  I am having a hard time believing that an entire year has gone by already.  From an itty bitty newborn John and I raced home from our vacation to see, to a mind-of-her-own little rascal, Hadley Grace has made all of our lives better during her first year with us.… Read More

Clara | 1-Year

May 03, 2016

I love the ages where stuffed animals are best friends.  Miss Clara brought her “Ellie” along for this shoot and seeing the two of them together was just precious.  Her little hands were clenched around Ellie’s…plotting to make a break past us adults and run where she pleased! Clara was a mover and groover, as are all… Read More