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Regina + Sark

January 14, 2013

I have always been a cat person.  Always have been, always will be.  I’m convinced I got my “cat gene” from my Aunt Jill, since she’s the only person in my family that loves cats as much as I do.  And kittens?  They just melt my heart. Regina (the lighter) and Sark (the darker)… Read More

Best Buds

July 02, 2012

After dinner out with friends, we decided to bring their dogs outside before the sun set so I could get some photos of them.  Alfred recently welcomed a little sister, Ivy, into his domain and we wanted a few photos of her before she got even bigger.  Ivy’s sweet side is growing on Alfred, but… Read More

The Gotschalls

June 13, 2012

Last fall, I donated a SimplyTold session to a silent auction raising funds for the annual Love the Children Ministries Christmas Banquet.  “Love the Children” is an organization here in Canton that is all about transforming our community through the radical love of Christ, one child at a time.  My husband and I try to take… Read More