May 11, 2017 · Events

It was damp.  It was freezing.  It was a complete surprise when Barney did a backwards summersault into a headstand during the finale dance party.  The awesomeness of that dance move COMPLETELY caught me off guard and not capturing that moment was my biggest regret from the event!  Haha!  It.was.incredible.

We may have had poor weather, but spirits were high as teams walked to raise awareness and funds to combat infant mortality, prematurity and birth defects.  Thanks to Lock 3, we were able to move the party INDOORS and shorten the outdoor walk!  We kicked off the event with a Superhero Sprint for the kiddos and then ended the morning on the dance floor.  Those mascots had moooooves.

The event was divided into three “themes” this year.  Hope.  Remember.  Celebrate.  LOVED this idea.  When I was asked to return as the event photographer, I was also asked if I could set up a Heavenly Nuggets table as part of the “Remember” theme.  Knowing I could not photograph the day AND run the table at the same time, I asked two other mommies of Heavenly Nuggets (and my super sweet hubby and daddy of Heavenly Nuggets) to be my replacements.  They so enjoyed meeting all of you moms who have lost little ones.  I wish I could have met you, too!

Thank you, Stephanie, for seeking me out and asking me back for another year.  It is truly one of my FAVORITE events of the year, and if you ever get the chance to attend don’t miss it!  Rain.  Cold.  Sunshine. Warmth.  It is still worth it no matter what weather Ohio throws at you!  I hope to see you all again next year!




Read more about how I got plugged into this event (and see last year’s pictures if you missed them) HERE.