July 31, 2017 · Families

My passion…is storytelling.  Using my own story to help tell someone else’s. The thing about stories is that you do not always know the full version.  Sometimes you see bits and pieces of it through conversations or social media stalking and you make the mistake of filling in the missing gaps with your own assumptions.  If their story is not publicized thoroughly, it can be easy to “think” you know what is happening in their world.  Take it from me…you don’t.

So, “Be kind.  For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

This family is fighting their own battle behind the four walls of their home.  It’s a hard one, friends.  This is one story that is not mine to tell with my words…only pictures…and so I will just leave it at that.  Keep these images in your mind as you encounter faces familiar or foreign to you.  Not all battles are easily visible.  Extend kindness and always assume the best intentions in those whose stories are still unread.

During our time together, seeing how this family loves so fiercely was inspiring.  I want to love my own children someday with this much self-sacrifice and intentionality.  I admire them greatly.  My hope is that I captured their story for them just as beautifully as it unfolded before me.

Loving on Maggie the cat, chasing bubbles in the backyard, hiking to the neighbor’s house to visit a friend, jumping off the headboard onto Mom and Dad’s bed, building with Legos on the living room floor, reading stories and a silliness in the kitchen.  This lifestyle session was all about memories and favorite things.  Exactly how lifestyle sessions should be.  More of the Schott Family to come.