June 21, 2017 · Families

Extended family sessions are the perfect blend of fun and awkward.  There is always that *one* family member who can crack a joke at the PERFECT time to get those genuine laughs.  I LOVE that family member.  The awkward comes in when we break it down into smaller groups.  Suddenly, you now have everyone else in the family…staring at you.

The Cirwinski family embraced the awkward and found the humor in it.  They laughed, made fun of each other (always encouraged at my shoots! Haha!) and mastered my little posing secrets right off the bat!  Let’s not forget how SWEET this family is…and that has nothing to do with the donuts they consumed prior to our session.  *wink*

Thanks, Cirwinski crew, for inviting me into your backyard for the evening, teasing me like I was part of the family, helping me keep Luca (the fur-grandkid) from photobombing every shot, and creating such a laid back, joy-filled atmosphere.  I so enjoyed our time together!!  Let’s do this again!