September 27, 2016 · Families

“Miss Nicole?”

“Ya, buddy, what’s up?” as I was half listening, half shuffling through photoshoot blankets that had shifted during travel.  Searching into the abyss for any sign of my camera in the backseat.

“I love you.”

Aaaaaand CUE MY MELTING HEART…ugh!  Did NOT see that one coming.

I do not see these Gorham kids that often.  Sadly, we do not get together nearly as frequently as we would like…but there is something inexplainable about the connection you have with other families who have lost kids.  I swear our hearts are forever intertwined by an unbreakable cord.  They are that safe place where you actually hear your child’s name in their presence and each time you do, one more string of that cord is wrapped around and our heart bond is fused a little more…and a little more.

This *might* have been one of THE hottest days of September, by the way.  Possibly the summer based on the four pounds of sweat I wrung out of my tank top…but it was so worth it!  Dad had a busy day of work and swung through just long enough for a few shots.  While I ADORE the images of him loving on his kiddos in this session, his “Dad-of-the-Year” shots (*wink wink*) were some candid (sunglasses on) moments in between where Nick’s TRUE ornery side came out.  Those need no explanation if you know Nick.  Haha!!

Grandma showed up as reinforcement to help funnel the boys to the playground long enough for me to get some shots of just Kimber and her new baby girl.  After having three boys, we needed time for bow changes, dress changes, and all the girlie details.  Here are the Gorhams as they welcome their newest addition accessorized in PINK…a color their household has not yet seen!