June 01, 2017 · Families

I wish I could see all of my SimplyTold families multiple times a year.  To see how the kids are growing.  To hear their belly laughs again and find out all that is new since I saw them last.  But…life gets busy.  Schedules fill more and more as the kids grow and sometimes coming up with the finances for a session even once a year is hard.  I know.  I get it.  Living life can be crazy! (And crazy expensive!)

I don’t take it for granted when I do get to see a family once or even twice a year.  I know the effort it takes to wrangle the crew and find outfits that work for the unpredictable Ohio weather.  Thankfully, that never seems to keep The J Family away.  I would miss these guys too much!  Haha!

The short time I spend with these kiddos gives me a glimpse into their orneriness, but really it is through their mom’s Facebook posts that I find myself adoring these two little people even more.  Mom should write a book with all of the hilarious conversations she has DAILY with her kids.  Their deep thoughts on life combined with their IMPECCABLE comedic timing leaves me roaring!

We hit up the quaint Canal Fulton area which is one of my favorite spots for kids.  Very little traffic (and stop lights), and plenty of cute backdrops!  Family-friendly, but not always the most convenient to get to, so I usually say, “Let’s do it!” if I know it’s not a drive long enough where we might risk a kid falling asleep in the car.  Haha!

Mr. B laughed and gave me his silliest faces when I asked him if he wanted a picture in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET (*gasp!*).  Let’s not forget Miss B’s flat out REFUSAL to let her daddy give her smooches.  Her giggle in protest with dad’s lips still pursed might be one of my favorite shots so far in 2017.  We topped the session off with ice cream…and then topped the ice cream off with sprinkles.