December 23, 2016 · Families

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I try try try to keep things light for SimplyTold.  Send off the last of my fall sessions to my clients (and wait to blog the ones being used for Christmas cards until after the holidays.)  My photography business slows just as Heavenly Nuggets gets a surge, and December is my time to prep orders for all the Mommies and Daddies spending their first Christmas without their babies.

Spending the day all cozied up indoors with the ones you love with nothing on the agenda is my FAVORITE hiatus from the holiday crazy.  (Shout out to my introverts!)  When Pam wanted to book a December session with a little little one in the mix, a laid-back, indoor lifestyle session sounded like perfection compared to braving the chilly temps!

We colored (one of big brother’s favorite activities).  We read “The Night BEFORE the Night Before Christmas.”  We laughed at how fur brother, Murphy, looked like he wanted me to take him home…as if “nobody EVER pays attention to me.”  (Nice try, Murphy.  I know that’s a fib!  Haha!)  Dad played his guitar.  The boys showed me their room and the toys they like best.  Baby brother fell asleep in Dad’s arms.  All beautiful family moments worth remembering for years to come…


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