August 31, 2017 · Families

These guys gave us vintage mid-century modern dressers in exchange for a photoshoot!  I love bartering!  It’s a win for all.  Though, I think I got the better end of the deal because I also got to hang out with this crew for an evening and just watch them love on their kids!

I have taught the girls at our church since they moved back to Canton.  Seeing their smiles walk into my classroom makes my heart happy!  Big sister, Miss A, is off to kindergarten this year (and moving up with the big kids at church), Miss J is as talkative as ever and brother’s current favorite song is “Winnie the Pooh.”  Mostly when his sisters sing it.

See brother’s NICU session here and check out how much he has grown!  Mr. A is just the CUTEST.  I pretty much snuggle him any chance I get!  In fact, he fell asleep in my arms after his shoot.  His “pre-bedtime nap” as JR says.  He then rallies, puts on his PJs, chugs a bottle and hits the hay.  He’s livin’ the dream.

Here are the Rozkos in their own backyard!