August 30, 2017 · Families

This backyard session was a little slice of heaven and a whole lotta LAUGHTER.  One of G’s many passions is…landscaping.  No joke.  What kills me and is one of the many reasons why this kid is THE BEST…is that NO ONE in his family ACTUALLY works in landscaping.  Not one.  His parents have no idea where this fascination comes from.  Lol!!

Our last session?  He brought his mower.  Remember him mowing the pavement at the park because the actual grass slowed him down too much?  Relive that hilarity HERE.  I died.

This time around, the WEEDWACKER made an appearance.  The weedwacker.  Aaaaaand EARMUFFS.  I am STILL laughing looking at these… This kid is just too cute!!

Here are the Zinggs having fun in the backyard, weedwacking, going on an evening stroll, playing fetch with fur-brother (Brewski) and eatin’ cookies on the swings to shut down the night.  Perfection!