September 09, 2015 · General

Vacation ALWAYS comes at just the right time, doesn’t it?  I know this is true because my hubby, John, & I did practically NOTHING on vacation this year.  Nothing.  We sat.  We ate.  We were on that beach perched under an umbrella for most of the day.  Not reading.  Not looking at magazines.  Just…sitting there.  It was glorious.  I got my people watching in for the year.

This vacation week is always a time for me to rest.  Be.  Recover and refocus.  My favorite time of day is sunrise.  Every day, I grab my beach chair, cup of coffee and my Bible and walk down to the beach.  It’s “my” time of the day.  I’ve never been more thankful to be a morning person than when I’m watching that sunrise over the ocean.  I’m a morning person in a house full of night owls!

Our family has learned the hard way NOT to wait until later in the week to do our family photo session.  It’s vital to allow wiggle room for rescheduling due to illness or weather when there’s that many people involved.  We head out at sunset on Sunday night and capture images in THE BEST LIGHT I shoot in all year.  There is nothing like beach light!

Which leads me to flash.  It always baffles me when I see local photographers down there using flash.  I didn’t see ONE local professional taking advantage of the golden hour light.  All using direct flash.  I was literally cringing and wanted to shake them dramatically and say, “Whyyyyyy?????”  But, I was in vacation mode.  Which meant I just sat in my beach chair instead.  Heehee.

Seriously, though, people.  Sunset sessions + NO flash.  (Unless they’re creatively using off-camera flash.) That’s what you want to find in a vacation photographer!  Just…trust me.

Here’s a peek into the annual vacation with the Jeren family!  We are missing a very important part of our family in these pictures this year…my sister-in-law, Lisa.  She sacrificed her family vacation to stay home and help a friend during a very difficult time.  Proud of her and love her big heart!  You were missed, my dear seeeeeester.  So much!


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