August 15, 2017 · General

You guys.  Last year?  I finished editing our summer vacation photos in the winter.  The WINTER.  Ugh.  I didn’t even end up blogging them because I was so embarrassed. (#photographerfail)  Same goes for the year before. Possibly the year before that…I have lost count.  Yikes.

Sometimes life just gets in the way and personal things easily get put on hold.  Especially when your job literally involves editing photos for everyone else (am I right, photographer friends?!).  Add to that the fact that our vacation always falls RIGHT before the busiest time of the year and it’s a miracle they are done by winter, really.  😉

This year?  I am ON IT, people!!!!  I may have stayed in my PJ’s most of the day today (shhh…) but these puppies are DONEZO!  Hence the blog post.  I needed online proof that I stayed on top of the photos this year.  Haha!  Plus, doesn’t my family clean up nice?!  They’re all so photogenic!

Our favorite vacation spot is Hilton Head, SC.  It holds SO many memories for us and every year brings traditions old and new.  While we always seem to dread picture day and having to primp and put on something other than a bathing suit, we never regret taking the time to capture these memories!  We flew through these photos so the parents could all go out on dates while John and I hung back at the beach house with the nieces and nephews for our epic “Nic and Cheese Night.”  All candy wrappers and remnants of our *ahem* shenanigans get cleaned up before the parents return…Heehee!

Here are a few of my faves from our shoot!