July 28, 2016 · Kiddos

Kyle and Tiffany came completely prepared for their session.  Prepared, meaning they understood the reality of photos with a busy one-year-old!  They brought toys and things Greyson was into (I love when clients do this!) and were prepared for a whole lot of candids as we chased him around the park and let him play.

My style is considered “Lifestyle Photography” and it is all about real life. Liiiiike when Greyson started crying (an image I totally captured, by the way- so cute!) because he didn’t like his lawn mower on the uneven grass.  He prefers to mow pavement.  Haha!  Real life.

Greyson played with trucks in a pile of rocks.  He had snack time.  He explored nature and trees.  He read his favorite book…a Christmas book.

He also mowed over more than just pavement.  He chased me with his mower and tried to run over my toes.  Repeatedly.  Laughing hysterically each time.  Real life.

THAT is exactly what a session with a busy boy is all about!  Real life isn’t posed and perfect.  Thank goodness for that!  I would much rather capture true memories at this age…like Greyson, his lawnmower and the way he prefers to mow the blacktop as opposed to the grass.

You will never get this stage back.  Why not capture it for what it really is?!  Busy and fun, silly and imperfect.  You might just get a perfect “everybody-looking-at-the-camera” shot as a tiny little bonus.  *wink*


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