September 03, 2017 · Kiddos

Cousins in the country!  Nothing says country like lingering sunsets, backyard sunflower patches, new growth in the garden and…chickens.  Am I right?!

Friends.  This was my last session.  MY LAST SESSION for 2017.  Possibly my last session for quite a while.  More on why I am shutting down my photography coming to my blog in the next few weeks so stay tuned!  Can’t wait to share all that’s been happening behind the scenes.  BUT…what a way to end my season!

This session was short and sweet as a little “thank you” to Izzie and Will’s dad for doing some work for me in the children’s classrooms at my church.  (I lost count of the number of closet doorknobs and shelving he installed.)  Cousin, Miles, joined us at their house for an evening of craziness!  Love these kiddos!