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Miles. Izzie. Will /// Country Home Session

September 03, 2017

Cousins in the country!  Nothing says country like lingering sunsets, backyard sunflower patches, new growth in the garden and…chickens.  Am I right?! Friends.  This was my last session.  MY LAST SESSION for 2017.  Possibly my last session for quite a while.  More on why I am shutting down my photography coming to my blog in… Read More

The Rozko Family

August 31, 2017

These guys gave us vintage mid-century modern dressers in exchange for a photoshoot!  I love bartering!  It’s a win for all.  Though, I think I got the better end of the deal because I also got to hang out with this crew for an evening and just watch them love on their kids! I have… Read More

The Zingg Family

August 30, 2017

This backyard session was a little slice of heaven and a whole lotta LAUGHTER.  One of G’s many passions is…landscaping.  No joke.  What kills me and is one of the many reasons why this kid is THE BEST…is that NO ONE in his family ACTUALLY works in landscaping.  Not one.  His parents have no idea… Read More

The Miraglias

July 15, 2016

I am pretty sure there are no parks in the Canton area THIS well-manicured and exploding with color.  SPECTACULAR.  The best part?  This was in their backyard!  Fun fact: Daughter, Shendra (the hot Momma in the dark blue dress), was married back here! Being back for more photos of the entire family with her two… Read More

Hadley | 6-Months

October 17, 2015

Oh, Hadley.  THIS GIRL.  I love her so much!!  Gah!!!  It was time for her 6-month pictures and I was looking forward to this.  She is becoming QUITE expressive these days and I knew she’d give me some good smiles! John and I get to spend a few days a month babysitting Hadley.  It goes without saying that… Read More

The Fosters

June 30, 2015

We haven’t been in this backyard for an official photoshoot since Miss K was crawling!  Man…time flies.  Now, instead of crawling away from my camera she was following me around the backyard, posing and saying, “Take a picture of this!”  Girl could have taken pictures all.night.long.  She cracks me up. Littlest Brother, C-Man, “fell” in… Read More

The “J” Family

June 29, 2015

Baby sister was unusually fussy for this shoot and ended up getting very sick in the days to follow.  Poor girl.  She was such a trooper, though!  Despite feeling under the weather, she gave me some precious toothy grins. Kids can be tired, hungry, on the verge of getting sick or just not themselves when I show up for… Read More

The Leuenbergers

November 22, 2014

This family was pre-PARED!  With Ohio getting a cold snap before their session, they decided to outsmart the weather.  Rather than standing outside in their clothes, freezing to death when they were waiting for their turns in front of my camera, they brought a laundry basket for their coats!  Allowing them to keep warm while… Read More

Hayden | 3 Weeks New

August 27, 2014

I always ask parents if there are any little details they want me to capture.  Does their new baby already have a “lovey” (A stuffed animal, pacifier or blankie she is already attached to)?  Anything special or unique to this exact age and phase of adorableness?  Important parts of Hayden’s story that you might want… Read More

The Ambrosias

July 24, 2014

‘Tis the season for extended family sessions!  I love when the whole family is able to get together.  Megan and her husband, Mike, moved to the Netherlands and added a baby girl to their little family.  When Megan found out a few months ago that she’d be back in the states, she e-mailed me right… Read More