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Hilton Head 2015

September 09, 2015

Vacation ALWAYS comes at just the right time, doesn’t it?  I know this is true because my hubby, John, & I did practically NOTHING on vacation this year.  Nothing.  We sat.  We ate.  We were on that beach perched under an umbrella for most of the day.  Not reading.  Not looking at magazines.  Just…sitting there.  It… Read More

The Leuenbergers

November 22, 2014

This family was pre-PARED!  With Ohio getting a cold snap before their session, they decided to outsmart the weather.  Rather than standing outside in their clothes, freezing to death when they were waiting for their turns in front of my camera, they brought a laundry basket for their coats!  Allowing them to keep warm while… Read More

The “J” Family

November 22, 2014

I seriously can’t even handle this family sometimes.  I just LOVE them!  The weather was chilly so we stayed warm in their home.  This day was Breck’s 3rd birthday and he was excited that “Miss Nicole” was coming.  My little buddy!  These guys are some of THE nicest people I know, and it’s a joy… Read More

The Orrises

August 09, 2014

Every once in a while, a little boy or girl will touch my heart in a way where I stop, take notice, and smile.  If I’m lucky enough, and aware enough, I can sometimes SEE a moment unfolding before me.  It’s in those times that I am thankful that I am a photographer, because I… Read More

The Holeckos

July 31, 2014

This is the sequel to the Ambrosia session.  Ambrosia family to Holecko family!  You’ll recognize Megan, her hubby and their baby girl.  These guys are Megan’s parents, brothers, and her beautiful sister-in-law.  Aaaaand let’s not forget her ADORABLE little nephew, Mr. L! The rain held off long enough for us to get in a session… Read More

The Ambrosias

July 24, 2014

‘Tis the season for extended family sessions!  I love when the whole family is able to get together.  Megan and her husband, Mike, moved to the Netherlands and added a baby girl to their little family.  When Megan found out a few months ago that she’d be back in the states, she e-mailed me right… Read More

The Savages

July 16, 2014

22 names I had to remember for this family.  That’s two more names than the number of kindergarteners I taught each year.  Did I remember everyone’s names perfectly like I hoped?  NOPE.  In fact, I kept mixing up the names of two of the brothers-in-law…MULTIPLE times.  (Sorry John and Tom!)  I’m a little rusty in… Read More

Lane | 13 Days New

January 29, 2014

Sweet little Lane… Oh my.  Did I mention how much I love photographing newborns?  Cause I do…a lot. The day of Lane’s shoot was crazy cold, and their house was toasty warm.  As much as I love a good snow shoot this time of year, I’m enjoying being indoors working in my slippers. This girl… Read More


January 28, 2014

Mini-Sessions are something that I have only offered in the fall.  A chance to get in a few last-minute shots for Christmas cards or gifts.  It’s been a few years since I’ve done these and it’s not something I will always offer.  But, if I have the time and enough people interested, I will go… Read More

The Larkes

December 30, 2013

Christmas is an excellent time for being intentional about catching up on those family photos.  Family members are in from out of town, everybody’s feeling nostalgic…it’s just perfect.  Amanda, one of the daughters in this family, booked me for this shoot back in October.  It was a good thing she did.  Other families were thinking… Read More