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September 27, 2016

This is the one day of the year where I have a free pass to cry as much as I need to in order to cover for the other 364 days of the year where my chin is up, I’ve got my game face on, big girl panties pulled up and life…feels more like a… Read More

For the Bible Tells Me So

October 23, 2015

When we lost Owen so suddenly, with only a few hours to say goodbye, I relived the trauma of that night on repeat for months after.  When that happens.  When you watch the ventilator take his last breath for him, see the heart monitor flatline and know that the miracle you were holding out for… Read More

Handmade With Love. Covered in Prayer.

April 27, 2015

My mom is NOT going to like this blog post.  She doesn’t like attention for stuff like this, which is all the more reason why she DESERVES attention for stuff like this.  She’s not out flaunting her awesomeness…so I’ll do it for her!  I’m allowed.  I’m her proud daughter. I have so many memories being… Read More

Joy Comes

February 07, 2015

  If I’m being honest, there are moments where I feel like I am a freak.  A misfit.  Like I’m just wandering through life in limbo wondering what purpose this stage is serving.  A woman lost in the world of motherhood where her “motherhood” has no living children. I feel like I’m straddling this hallway… Read More

Heavenly Nuggets

March 31, 2014

I thought, months ago when I began to make something for other hurting mothers, that I would keep it a private thing.  A secret that very few knew I was even doing behind the scenes.  I kinda liked it that way. I think it was because I am a perfectionist.  I put 100% of myself… Read More


December 03, 2013

The holidays.  What a mix of emotions they bring.  I was actually excited about the holidays this year.  Looking forward to really celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas since we missed out on those last year.  We were present a year ago, but our smiles were fake.  If I even DID smile.  Pretty sure I didn’t. I… Read More

Vacation…Minus One

October 04, 2013

Originally, I wanted to slap up some beautiful pics of our trip with a title of “Yay! Vacation!” and call it a day.  Keep it breezy.  But, I’ve always felt from my very first post on this blog, before Owen, that I wanted to be real.  So I changed up my surface-level post and decided… Read More

Divine Appointments

September 29, 2013

There are times in your life when there are coincidences, and there are times when it is something more.  Every once in a while, especially during this past year, God would speak to me thorough a situation that could ONLY be Him talking directly to me.  Something private, or small in importance, that gets noticed… Read More

Happy Birthday, Handsome

September 27, 2013

Today is Friday.  TGIF.  The 27th day of September.  The last day before the weekend.  The end of the work week.  Not for me.  This was the day, one year ago, my life changed drastically… forever. I woke up like any other morning.  Having to pee.  Oh, the beloved pregnancy bladder.  Knowing the second I… Read More

Not Alone

September 25, 2013

Back in August, we realized it was creeping toward the anniversary of Owen’s time here on earth.  I could feel this pressure.  Like I was supposed to come up with some way to honor and remember our son.  This pressure wasn’t from any outside source.  Just the pressure I put upon myself, as his mom,… Read More