Baby Session Info


  • No deposits necessary to hold your spot.
  • Scheduling your session just as baby will be finishing a feed is ideal, that way baby is full and happy.
  • I generally photograph you and baby in the living areas, bedrooms and nursery. I keep the lights off to allow for natural light to filter in, so take note of the time of day where those areas receive the most light. That is when we want to schedule your session.
  • I use blankets and any decorative or textured rugs within your home in those solo baby shots. I love texture, pattern and color! Gather any blankets (baby blankets, throws, etc.) you may want to use as backdrops for baby-only shots and together we can pick our favorites.
  • Sentimental Details — Think about and set aside anything you may want photographed. Whatever it is, if it is important to you I want to capture it! You may not remember the day of the shoot if you are sleep deprived, so write it down!


    • The blanket your Aunt made for baby.
    • The first stuffed animal you bought for your baby when you found out you were pregnant.
    • The outfit your child wore home from the hospital.


  • BABY — Prioritize your baby’s outfits. Keep in mind that babies generally do not like being changed, so if your goal is to keep baby happy limit the number of outfits you pick. Pick 1-2 outfits you really want and any other outfits baby lets us use are a bonus!
  • YOU — Be comfortable and wear something you feel good in. Avoid clothing that has the potential to scratch baby if up on your shoulder. Keep it simple and neutral or go the texture and color route. Whatever is most you! Trouble deciding what to wear? Text me some outfit pics. I am happy to help!


  • Length of Session – Baby sessions generally take 2 hours, allowing breaks for feeds, diaper changes, outfit changes and fussiness. While you are tending to baby, I use that time to get detail shots of the nursery.
  • If baby is happily sleeping or wide awake and content not being held, we try those shots of just baby. If baby begins to fuss, we switch to holding shots and try again later. Baby runs the show during our time together and we go by what he or she prefers.
  • For the fussy babies — Sometimes, now matter how perfectly we think we timed the session, baby is fussy. Don’t worry. It is nothing I haven’t seen before! Stay relaxed and I promise you your images will turn out just like you imagined. There may be more holding shots during this type of session if baby does not like being put down, so worst case scenario is you get adorable shots of you snuggling your baby!
  • With every baby session, I diminish any obvious red spots, milk pimples, dry skin, etc., in the editing process without taking away the naturalness of the images. If your baby scratched himself on the face? No worries. I’ll take care of it!


  • Additional family members are welcome at our session, such as grandparents, godparents, etc. If you would like a shot of them holding baby, we can do that! Fur babies are welcome to be included in our session, too.
  • If you have other children included in the shoot, feel free to invite someone over to help entertain them while we are getting shots of just mom and dad with baby. It may help having an extra pair of hands, especially with very young children.
  • We can even start our time with baby towards the tail end of nap time when those siblings can join us once they wake up. Make sure they get a snack before we begin!


  • To book, all I need is your due date and your address. Then, you keep me in the loop if your due date gets bumped or if you are going to have a scheduled c-section.
  • If you do not want to be bothered contacting me right after baby comes, have a friend or family member let me know. The earlier I know of baby’s arrival, the more likely I can get you in during those those first two weeks. Especially if Dad will be heading back to work soon. Notification within the first 3-4 days of baby’s arrival is ideal.
  • Once baby is here and we finalize a date and time, I will send you an invoice with your total. If you would like this information ahead of time, just let me know!
  • Try outfits on baby before the session. Many times newborn babies end up being too tiny for the outfits you have in mind. It is always good to be prepared and have backup options in case. Do not be afraid to keep it simple. Never underestimate the beauty of a white onesie or a simple swaddling blanket!


  • Depending on the time of year, image turnaround could be anywhere from 3-14 working days. My editing work days are Monday-Friday. I strive to have quick processing for my clients, but sometimes in my busy fall season it can be closer to two weeks.
  • If you are not already, make sure you become a fan of SimplyTold on Facebook and follow me on Instagram so you do not miss out on seeing your images!
  • We discuss all online posting during your shoot when I have you sign a photography release, and I respect whatever guidelines you have in place for that. Especially when children are involved.
  • If you gave me the ok for images on social media, I will post sneak peek images as I am editing onto my SimplyTold Facebook and Instagram.
  • My blog is how I reveal your entire session once it is fully edited. Because so much of what I do is “simply telling” your story, the blog allows me to create a storybook feel in revealing your session. A link to your blog post will be shared on my SimplyTold Facebook page.
  • When the blog post is live, your online ordering gallery will be as well. This is a professional print gallery I provide for any clients wishing to have high-quality images of their session. More information about this gallery can be found here.
  • The last thing I do is make a Facebook album of my favorites from your session. These images will be watermarked, but you are welcome to tag yourself and use as profile pictures. If you could give credit to SimplyTold if my watermark gets cropped out, I would appreciate it!
  • Once your blog post and Facebook album is done, I will prepare your digital images for delivery. You can decide whether you would like your digital images on a flash drive or sent to you in an online transfer. The flash drive comes in the mail inside my SimplyTold boxes. My box designs change seasonally and never repeat, so it is always a surprise seeing what is inside! There will be something special in there for the kids, too!