Family Session Info


  • I have an “up to 6 people” policy before additional charges apply. However, for a shoot with your immediate family only (Mom, Dad + kids), there is no additional fee for being blessed with lots of kids! If you are wanting to include additional extended family members such as grandparents, in-laws, cousins, etc., see extended family section below.
  • No deposits necessary to hold your spot.
  • What do you like to do as a family? Do you have favorite spots you like to go to together? Let’s incorporate some of that into your session. Make as much of the session unique to YOUR family as possible!
  • Shots typically include whole family, just the kids together, individual shots of each of the kids, mom with kids, dad with kids, just mom and dad, etc. If there is anything you want to make sure I capture, write it down so you do not forget!
  • Full stomachs are a must! That includes the adults. Hangry never photographs well. Haha!


  • I have blankets for my outdoor sessions. You are more than welcome to bring one, too, but you are not required to provide your own. I will usually ask you to text me a photo of your outfits once you have them figured out. That way I can bring a coordinating blanket with me.


  • Go with the emotions of your kids. For example, if a child is being extra snuggly, roll with it! Forget I am there and just hold your child for a moment. Let me capture that for you. If your child is in an ornery mood, chase him. Tickle him. Don’t worry about changing his mood, just be there in the moment!
  • Be present. Smile when you look at your kids. Hold their hands. Give them an unexpected piggy back ride. Be intentional about SHOWING the love that you already have overflowing in your heart.
  • Please also read through the Kiddos Session Info for additional tips for kids.


  • The first 6 family members are covered in the session fee, then $20/person (no charge for kids under one)
  • Pictures involving young kids will be the priority to ensure we get the shots we need. If your kids need a minute, no problem. I can get shots of the other family members in the meantime while they regroup.
  • Here is an example of the type of shots I typically rotate through in an extended family session:
    • Whole family
    • Individual families
    • Grandparents with grandkids
    • Grandkids
    • Grandparents with their grown children
    • Grown siblings
    • Generational picture (if desired)
    • Any other combinations you want (Make a list beforehand so you remember!)
  • Be aware of overstimulation of the kids. With groups this size, the tendency is for all the adults to be behind me getting the kids’ attention in an effort to get them all looking at the camera. While these are good intentions, oftentimes the kids get worn out quicker with all the noise and are looking at the family behind me rather than directly into my camera. It is best for me to try first. Then, I can enlist the help of “Funny Uncle Mark” to dance around directly behind my camera if I need him!


  • Depending on the time of year, image turnaround could be anywhere from 3-14 working days. My editing work days are Monday-Friday. I strive to have quick processing for my clients, but sometimes in my busy fall season it can be closer to two weeks.
  • If you are not already, make sure you become a fan of SimplyTold on Facebook and follow me on Instagram so you do not miss out on seeing your images!
  • We discuss all online posting during your shoot when I have you sign a photography release, and I respect whatever guidelines you have in place for that. Especially when children are involved.
  • If you gave me the ok for images on social media, I will post sneak peek images as I am editing onto my SimplyTold Facebook and Instagram.
  • My blog is how I reveal your entire session once it is fully edited. Because so much of what I do is “simply telling” your story, the blog allows me to create a storybook feel in revealing your session. A link to your blog post will be shared on my SimplyTold Facebook page.
  • When the blog post is live, your online ordering gallery will be as well. This is a professional print gallery I provide for any clients wishing to have high-quality images of their session instead of the lower quality images from local labs or other online companies. More information about this gallery can be found here.
  • The last thing I do is make a Facebook album of my favorites from your session. These images will be watermarked, but you are welcome to tag yourself and use as profile pictures. If you could give credit to SimplyTold if my watermark gets cropped out, I would appreciate it!
  • Once your blog post and Facebook album is done, I will prepare your digital images for delivery. You can decide whether you would like your digital images on a flash drive or sent to you in an online transfer. The flash drive comes in the mail inside my SimplyTold boxes. My box designs change seasonally and never repeat, so it is always a surprise seeing what is inside! There will be something special in there for the kids, too!