Kiddos Session Info


  • My Kiddos Sessions are for just that…the kiddos! This session is for parents who wish to opt out of getting pictures, too. The focus is on the kids.
  • No deposits necessary to hold your spot.
  • Think about what your kids are into right now. What do the like playing? Are they into any sports, musical instruments or other activities? This will help when planning your session.


  • I have blankets for my outdoor sessions. You are more than welcome to bring one, too, but you are not required to provide your own. I will usually ask you to text me a photo of your outfits once you have them figured out. That way I can bring a coordinating blanket with me.
  • What items could we incorporate that will really showcase this point in their lives? Do the little ones have any blankies, stuffed animals or sentimental items they are attached to? Is your child obsessed with trucks? Bring their favorites. Does your daughter never want to leave the house without wearing her favorite purple boots? Bring them. Let’s use these items in a few shots. It is all about capturing THEM in the RIGHT NOW.
  • Bring some photoshoot-friendly snacks along! That means snacks that we can break for that will not ruin an outfit or stain their cute little faces.


  • Kid sessions are usually between 30 minutes to 1 hour. There is no set time limit, though. However long it takes!
  • I used to be a kindergarten teacher before I started SimplyTold, so my love of kids is not hard to hide. I relate well to them and have yet to meet a kid I can not crack! I also bring little candy bribes…I mean “rewards”… to use during my sessions. Aaaaaand there is a treasure chest at the end. I even have treats for those older, “too cool for school” kids.
  • For the Shy Ones— Do not force them to start the session. Let them stay in your arms a bit longer. Let them get used to me. If necessary, I will take the time to play with them first before I ever begin shooting. Kids always come around! I wear them down eventually. Haha! With these kids, the shoot gets better as we go.
  • For the Outgoing Ones— If they hit the ground running, we shoot right away and get in all the shots we want before they have had enough! These kids typically give me the best smiles in the beginning.
  • Occasionally, parents see how their kids were behaving during a shoot and think, “There is no way she got any good images…” I always reassure parents that if I get home and edit the images and do not feel like they reflect what I offer to my clients, we will reschedule! Hey, kids are kids! BUT, out of all the *crazy* shoots I have done (and there have been a few!) parents always come back and say, “I can not BELIEVE you got those shots. You would never know my child was being a pill that day! I love these photos!!” Also? I have never had to reschedule a shoot. Just saying’!
  • If you would like to include your pet in some of the pictures, consider bringing a friend or family member along to help. If you will need your hands free for your kids or if the weather is not conducive to leaving your fur baby in a vehicle, having someone there to hold a leash for you may be helpful.


  • Outfit changes are fine with me if you would like options! Just keep in mind that kids have a limited span of time before they have “had enough” pictures. Consider limiting outfit changes to only one other outfit, keeping it simple by switching out accessories only, or getting rid of outfit changes all together in order to capture the most images we can before time runs out for the littles. You know what your kids can handle.
  • If your young daughter is wearing a dress, consider wearing something under the dress to cover her diaper. That way if she is active during the shoot and her dress moves you will see a cute diaper cover as opposed to an actual diaper.
  • Remember that kids can get messy easily outdoors and my shoots are all about letting kids be KIDS. Keep in mind that we play, so put them in clothes that allow for that!


  • Time of Day— Watch your kids and see what time of day they are the happiest. If that post-lunch nap is crucial for a happy afternoon session? Let’s do a morning shoot. Let’s not risk them fighting a good nap and potentially being exhausted. If the kiddos get super cranky before bedtime, a sunset session may not be best for you at this time. Go with what works best for them!
  • Keep the kiddos full! Schedule a session AFTER a meal. Full bellies = happy kids!
  • Fall is my busiest time of the year. Schedule early to ensure you get a spot!
  • No matter what season you choose, we can pencil in a date and then shift it as the date gets closer depending on weather.
  • Policy for weather – I will never force a family to do an outdoor session if the conditions are not ideal for little ones. Cold (or wet) conditions just make everyone miserable. If at any point you decide the weather is an issue, let’s find another date. When we pencil in a date, it is just that—penciled. There is room for last minute changes if necessary.
  • Kids get sick. Kids fall and scrape their face, run into cabinet doors or get hit in the head with baseball bats. Yes, all of these have happened to my little clients! If something comes up last minute that is going to hinder us having a successful session, let’s reschedule. We want happy kiddos!


  • Picking a Location— Any spots your child likes to go? Is your child’s favorite place the local library? The park down the street? The pool at Grandma’s house? Let’s go there! The entire shoot doesn’t have to take place there, but it may be a spot we want to visit! I have an arsenal of good spots as well! My blog is a great place to check out some of the locations I have shot at in the past, and I always have a running list of new spots I am dying to try!
  • All locations need to be kid-friendly. That is important. Know that most of my kid sessions involve movement and not a lot of sitting and posing. Especially for children under 3 years of age. They run the show! Let’s pick a location where they can explore and the backdrop allows for beautiful photos.
  • Lifestyle sessions are an option, too! Especially for the colder months. I am a HUGE fan of lifestyle photography in your home. Capturing kids in the everyday is priceless. Playing in their rooms, enjoying a round of hide and seek (or sardines!), reading stories, having Nerf gun fights, coloring, doing an art project, whatever! Let’s capture it!

  • Depending on the time of year, image turnaround could be anywhere from 3-14 working days. My editing work days are Monday-Friday. I strive to have quick processing for my clients, but sometimes in my busy fall season it can be closer to two weeks.
  • If you are not already, make sure you become a fan of SimplyTold on Facebook and follow me on Instagram so you do not miss out on seeing your images!
  • We discuss all online posting during your shoot when I have you sign a photography release, and I respect whatever guidelines you have in place for that. Especially when children are involved.
  • If you gave me the ok for images on social media, I will post sneak peek images as I am editing onto my SimplyTold Facebook and Instagram.
  • My blog is how I reveal your entire session once it is fully edited. Because so much of what I do is “simply telling” your story, the blog allows me to create a storybook feel in revealing your session. A link to your blog post will be shared on my SimplyTold Facebook page.
  • When the blog post is live, your online ordering gallery will be as well. This is a professional print gallery I provide for any clients wishing to have high-quality images of their session. More information about this gallery can be found here.
  • The last thing I do is make a Facebook album of my favorites from your session. These images will be watermarked, but you are welcome to tag yourself and use as profile pictures. If you could give credit to SimplyTold if my watermark gets cropped out, I would appreciate it!
  • Once your blog post and Facebook album is done, I will prepare your digital images for delivery. You can decide whether you would like your digital images on a flash drive or sent to you in an online transfer. The flash drive comes in the mail inside my SimplyTold boxes. My box designs change seasonally and never repeat, so it is always a surprise seeing what is inside! There will be something special in there for the kids, too!